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rode the shovel yesterday

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finally got the old fellow roadworthy yesterday and went for about a 180 mile shake down putt.
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Looks did it shakedown?

mcotie said:
Looks did it shakedown?

i'd give it a 9. lost the front pipe stud in the head, chain nicked the rear brake line and a pin fell out of the bendix throwout linkage.
replaced the stud with a locktighted bolt, replaced and rerouted the rear hard line and put a cotter pin in the bendix.
the rear shocks feel like they could stand replacing too but all in all it turned out to be a very solid bike. the mid controls with the drag bars puts me in a jockey riding position which for me is great for in town manueverability but it kinda gets my lower back on the hiway for long distances.
Capt. Cal said:
very cool bill, i really like it. any plans paint wise?
i'm not real good at picking out colors. i kinda like the red & gold on the tank so i'm thinking of painting the rear fender a high gloss black with red side panels and a gold stripe at the parting line.
el_butche said:
cool.. congrates

tanks :) , so how close are you to being in the wind ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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