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Road-rage episode...

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On my way to work last night, (I just got off, I work graveyards) I passed a truck, not long before an entrance ramp. I was going about 75, and he was going about 65. I didn't tailgate, or cut him off, I simply rolled around him. I noticed as I was going by that he started to speed up, but didn't really think anything about it. When I got back into the lane, he started honking and flashing his lights. I then gave him the obligatory one-finger-salute. (yes, I know. Juvenile.) I got onto the feed ramp, which is one lane, one way, very narrow, and no shoulders, and he gunned it, almost running me over, got in front of me, slammed on the brakes, I almost plowed his tailgate, and he had successfully blocked the road. He jumped out of his truck. I didn't put my kick stand down, I just dropped to first, held in the clutch, and stood ready to shoot past him on the passenger side, but he juked, went to the passenger side, and came running at me. He punched me in the helmet twice before I laid the bike on it's side and jumped off. Then, I noticed he had a very large knife on his belt, and that he was about 4 inches taller than I was, and outweighed me by at least 50 lbs, so I thought better of tackling him. A girl got out of the truck and started screaming at him, and he turned to scream at her, so I picked up the truck, hit the ditch, and boogied.

I know I shouldn't have flipped him off, but I still feel like that might have been an over-reaction... Also, why would you punch someone in the helmet? I didn't even feel it. Shouldn't you punch people in the squishy bits?

He's lucky I was on my way to work. If I'd been going anywhere else, I'd have been exercising my CHL permit, and I'd probably be in custody right now.
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Crazy story, friggin' crazy guy...makes you wonder if he is always an asshole or if he medicates himself to get that way. to keep that finger to yourself in spite of the temptation to use it, a bike just can't win a argument against a truck.
Sounds heavy. Have you reported it to the Police?
a bike just can't win a argument against a truck.
Yep. I was reminded of that when I almost re-formed his tailgate.
No excuse for that behavior buy if your gonna throw the bird be ready to rumble.
Pistols are dandy and it's our right and privilege to be armed.
Watch out assholes abound and have a tendency to drag you to their level instead of climbing up to yours
I run 100 miles 1 way to work every day on the interstate & have had several bad experiences. At work i cannot carry my gun, so i bought a retractable batton. I have been forced to use it to defend myself twice. The police always ask why i carry it, its self explanitory,,, it is very effective,, carrys in. A holster on my hip & deploys in half a second! !! 2 other times it has gotten me out of a bad situation. Never leave without it !!! My consealed weapons permit allows me to carry it legaly.
Watch out assholes abound and have a tendency to drag you to their level instead of climbing up to yours
^That; exactly.
I learned a long time ago not to mouth off or flip some one the bird unless I was ready for things to escalate. Lots of folks out there that REALLY LIKE for things to get western and don't need much of a reason to go on point.

Pick your battles and be sure they're worth fighting.

Just another opinion.
Larry T
You're the lucky one dude. A dead asshole doesn't know he's dead. Like you said, you're NOT in custody right now and somebody else can kill that asshole and you can ride. Save the bullets for an asshole that mekes his way into your house and use em all. You shoulda clothes lined that guy because I'd be pissing myself right now. Glad theres no powder residue on your fingers bruddah.
Never piss people off when you're on a bike and they're in a cage. You might be in the right but they can plow into you and truly mess up your day.
It can escalate from a look to words to .....:confused:..... fast !!

Even an Old lady has a moment of ..... "Blow your Horn at me will-ya..!!!"

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It's true everyone on the road today is in a hurry...was it necessary to pass him....don't get me wrong i've done the same thing riding....but the situation could have broke out in handcuffs and or more....gump
you're lucky you got off that hook like you did . sounds like he was looking for someone to put in the ground . Lesson learned .
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