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I am going to reluctantly sell the project I started this summer. Just making some room and may relocate this next year. I have a short list of stuff that I put into it. But you can see about everything. It comes with the MSO from Kraft-Tech. I don't have to sell, but it would help. May take some trade. But item would have to be for a Fatboy. Please ask questions if you have any. And I have more pics if you need them. Tanks do have scratches, wheels have plastic axle spacers for mock up. Rear axle has same plastic spacer for mock up. Trans plate is for a 4 speed. Frame is set-up for 5/6 speed. Pics don't seem to want to load. Email for pics at [email protected]
Has Kraft-Tech frame, 2 over Mid USA wide springer, 21" front wheel and 17" deuce rear wheel. I have brake set-up for rear on it for mock-up.
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