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Ride to Skate Event Pics

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Pics from the ride to skate event yesterday

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Spose it is another sign that I have lived too long---------

all we painted under the bridge was tities, snach and dicks hahahaha
The event was great yesterday. People were nice and there were ton of nice bikes of all flavors.

Nice job, Joe!

One thing I noticed. . . the trend towards dressing up like a 60s club guy is so prevalent it's tough to tell who's the real deal and who's wearing a costume. Guess it's best to just treat everyone right lest you get your ass kicked. The natural world at work. . . mimicry as defense.

Im diggin the shovel with the rainbow tins. Any more pics?
Im diggin the shovel with the rainbow tins. Any more pics?
That bike was built by Papa Clutch they called the paint "mexican blanket" pretty sweet

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Anybody get a shot of the black fxr from rhode island it had a blanket strapped to the bars ?
Crimson Ghost Sissy Bar ..... Nice !!
Misfits Rules !!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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