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If anyone else was at the Rat Fink Party on Saturday @ LACR...
yes, the BSAs were fucking bitchin', but didja see that super-duper Honda CB750 with the Japanese War Flag coffin tank? If anyone took photos (Dan? Brooks?) please post em here ASAP.

Man, what a day for a ride, too! Took N2 to N3 through the Angeles Crest, then up to the (we are) 138. Me & the twisties, with all the flowers in bloom and bright sunlight! It was like some yamaha commercial. Then at the racetrack, good bands, good drag races (congratulations to my bro Dan for winning the Grudge Match, every time...sorry Travis), and a sunburn. Then me & Brooks checked-out fellow MMMCers new m/c shop INDUSTRIAL CYCLES in highland park. It's gonna be sweet.

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