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rev problems ONLY when in gear

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got a 73 CB350, sat in garage for 25 years... some of u know the story...

anyways, got er runnin ok and fine, revs to redline in nuetral... ive cleaned carbs, new plugs, checked over points, cleaned tank etc to get her runnin right.... anywyas,,,

will only rev to about 5-6k when riding... only thing not right on the bike is right now im waiting for a new bolt and nuts to toss on the air cleaner and side covers...

yes, i open the choke before riding, LOL

i just wanna have a lil more fun riding it around town, its not slow, but jsut doesnt feel right, feels like ALL hp, no torque, does that make sense to anyone?
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Sounds like you're running too lean without the air filter. My guess is once you get the filter on it will run fine.
i see i see... i hope so, LOL.....

could i juice up the fuel for now?
check the cam chain adjustment too. from what i remember, its pretty easy to adjust.
I'm not quite sure how those carbs adjust, but I don't think it'll be that easy to richen up the circuits that are giving you a problem - you might have to re-jet or start moving needle clips (if you even CAN do that). My little brother bought a KZ305 that we could not gt to run well at high speed without the stock airbox and filter. Even with pods it would get up to about 50 mph. and just die off. We threw on an airbox from ebay with a stock filter in it and the bike sprang to life - it'll do 70+ without a problem.

Be patient and wait for your hardware to show up - you can do damage to the motor running it lean.
sojerscraper said:
check the cam chain adjustment too. from what i remember, its pretty easy to adjust.
Loosen the bolt (10 mm?) tap the adjuster a few times and tighten. It's a spring loaded adjuster so it automatically adjusts. The bolt just locks it in-place and the tapping is to free it up. But I doubt that's your problem. Sure you got the correct heat range plugs, points gapped correctly, and coils polairity is correct. Are you sure the main jets are clean in those carbs?
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