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You're friend is fortunate to have two of the most talented V-twin restoration experts in the country (if not world) in his backyard.

Vintage Motorcycles Northwest
(253) 846-2775
Ask for Steve
Spannaway, WA

Antique Cycles Norhtwest
(206) 522-8010
John Viljoen
Seattle, WA (Capital Hill, Broadway)

Both shops put out concourse quality bikes. Kindly inform your friend that perfection comes at a cost.

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call here they are 45 experts`

The boss is has bought back a wla that he rode as a bobber in college, that he is doing a resto on now. Give them a call, ask for Kent. 251 928-3004

Think about turning it into a clean rider as opposed to a concourse rebuild. either way give them a call. I will be moving to Hono HI in a few weeks and will not be able to help.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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