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Replica Star hub front wheels

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Excuse my lack of knowledge on the matter, but i'm looking for a 21" front wheel for my 67 ironhead build. I was thinking of picking up a spool but not sure if i'm a fan of having such a tiny front hub.
I then came across some replica start hub front wheels on j&p.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? or could tell me more than the short description on j&p
Are these replicas able to have a drum mounted on them?
would my 3/4 axle work?

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Personaly, i don't buy from J&P, 1because most of there stuff is poor quality crap, & 2 cause you could buy the same shit from mid-west or jireah 25% cheaper!!!
I can't say i own a repro star hub, but I've seem them with drums, but only with 5/8" axles.. I generally don't buy from them unless its a must, or its a name brand item.
If you go to the JP page you listed, and look down under "fitment" then click on the +, it will give you a list of what that wheel is "supposed" to fit. Everything on there is a big twin, with wide glide front end. So, the answer is NO. Plus, the drum on a sportster, is laced to the drum, not bolted on. Big twin, yes, Sportster no. Plus, the axle on a sportster drum wheel is 17 mm. Best thing to do, is buy a 21 inch rim and spokes and lace it up, or have someone lace it for you.
So basically the hub body is too wide to fit in a sportster front end?(forgetting about axle size and brakes).
Yea that hub def won't fly with a stock sporty front end. Why not just use a stock hub with no brake?

A few options are this. Use the original wheel hub, and lace a 21 to it. Or run a narrowglide width spool and rim. There are other options, but if you want a brake, and you want the sportster frontend, the width between the lowers, is the determining factor. You could look and try to find a newer 35mm frontend, and have a disc, or you could find a wider front end, that will accept a wider wheel, with disc or drum. Depends on what YOU want to do. To brake or not to brake,,,,,,that is the question. The true answer is MONEY.
Get a modern 84-99 sportster hub. They are cheap and If you want brakes the whole new setup can be done for about the price of that starhub alone. I actully like the way they look as a spool. Theres one in my Avatar run as a spool...
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