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reluctantly listing 79 shovel stroker 93in

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i dont want to sell this bike and if the other stuff i am trying to unload goes i am keeping her. but in the meantime here she is. open to a bit of wiggle room but no i wont sell it for 3k or 4k. title in hand.

i havent touched this bike - so its still in good shape lol. actually it is damn near mint. either a killer original bike or a real serious beast to make into a kick ass chop/bob. i didnt have the heart to do it and i am glad i kept it as-is.

stock 79 FX with 6 over front end and chromed lower legs. i have a stock length setup as well. everything works, lights, horn signals, speedo, etc. dual disks in front, disk in rear. 93 in stroker kit installed years ago. elect/kicker both work. bike rides great at 80 all day long. this is truly the most fun bike i have ever had and i hate to part with it but a man has to do what he has to do.
i have seriously considered selling the road king instead but i owe on that so its now or never on this one. i'll get more pics later.

video here:
make an offer worst i can say is no thanks
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dropped it to 5k. need the cash. you guys know these bikes and a running titled dead mint stroker shovel for 5k doesnt come around every day. throw me 4k cash and an ironhead proj. thats as low as i can go.
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