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Redskins in Scotland

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Hi, me name's Neil, am rocketin towards 50, but have managed to build meself a nice little Indian 37" bobber, and am collectin bits to build her a big sister, that's Chief flavoured. Got a Hinkley Trump to log the miles on, and that's about it.
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Hi Neil,think you'll like it here,some great threads and any pics of your bikes?
Nice Indian! Typical Scottish weather there with all that snow. I hope you don't go too far on it in those conditions!

Nah waaay too much salt up here. She's gettin modded anyway, wee performance boost or 2........... Did my share o winters on a big Zed...
Glad to hear it! It's minus-God-knows-what down here too at the moment (south coast), but no snow yet. Keep up the good work.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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