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Trying to find away to make some rear sets for my Triumph has 1970 T100s 500 cc unit motor with a plunger frame rear welded to it so i have no stock frame lugs or mounts to use something like what clubman racing offers here is what the say about it

Triumph 500 Twins
Because of the relative location of the kickstart and gearshift levers on the Triumph unit 500 engine, use of rear-sets on these models that retain the kickstart lever and use a remote linkage will result in poor shifting. We have developed a set which includes a redesigned "reversed" gear lever and uses footpegs attached to plates which bolt directly to existing frame lugs.

wanted to know if i shortend the shifter arm like one would do to use something the british cycle supply forward contol kit and ran the linkage backwards the over and behind the kicker instead of under it if it would still result in poor shifting because if i flip the shortend shifter arm upside down i can see a way of running linkage with out the kicker hitting it when i go to start the bike basicly taking a forward contol kit and puting it some wear on the back of the frame instead of the front

thought id ask to see if anyone eles has came up with something to make rear sets work on this type of motor on a plunger or hard tail frame thanks so much for any ideas or help/pics
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