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Pricein ad
If this post seems scatterbrained its because it is,I suck at this computer thing so try to make out what your interested in with the discription .Thanks.
A ratchet top trans from a 78 fx.Rebuilt with all harley gears and a andrews main shaft.2.44 fist geat,no welds. cracks or helicoils in unit.This unit is in exceptionally good shape and i have seen many.
775.00 shipped to lower 48
Shovel rocker arms.2 sets,one early (bronze)and one late.Bolth sets are reconditioned with new bushings,line reamed and finished honed.Rub pads are resurfaced also.These are h/d and not aftermarket so they will fit and work.
100.00 each set shipped to lower 48
Cast S&S replacemnt oil pump with end cover.New gears and releif springs,Can be used from 55-99 bigtwin.Will supply instuction sheets as well.This pump is used and in great shape.
125.00 shipped to lower 48
A stock h/d oil pump body and gears.Gears are new,releif springs as well as seal have been replaced.Fits 68-73 shovel,body is in verry good shape.
75.00 shipped to lower 48
DUDLEYS corrective engineering solid lifters and pushrods for panhead.Lifter blocks as well.Low usage and in good shape.If you rode in ny in the 70s,you knew of dudleys lifters.Corrected the geometry of the pushrod angle.It even comes with orig instruction sheet for instalation
175.00 shipped lower 48
Crane solid lifter and pushrods for shovelhead.used for 1 season before i changed to hydrolics.
75.00 shipped to lower 48
S&S roller rockers forged for bushings and roller tips.1,61 stock ratio.Shafts included.
175.00 shipped lower 48
Sifton 440 advenger cam for 48-69 big twin.Perfect addition for your dudley lifters.or not Great shape
75.00 shipped lower 48
No checks or paypal crap.just money orders
Any questions call me at shop,10-6est 631 589-4550. Gary


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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