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Rare Amen (?) Twisted Springer

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I never thought I'd sell this one but times are tough (and I need to buy more junk!). I think it might be an Amen springer based on the rockers, but I've only seen one like it before. It's the nicest vintage springer I've ever seen (and I've had a lot!). It has what look like Harley rockers (with grease fittings in them) with extended tips, and has inner/ outer springs like a Harley springer. It has a 1' stem, nicely shaped trees, aluminum spring cushions, the works. It's set up for a 17mm axle for a sportster or Japanese wheel. I think it's about 6" over, it measures 28" from the bottom of the stem to the axle hole. The chrome is good with just a little surface rust mainly on the rear lower tree. I don't have the correct top nut but I have a Triumph nut that fits pretty well. The front legs are very slightly bowed forward. It's very slight, and looks like it's from normal use. I would not hesitate to use this front end, I just wanted to mention it so there's no surprises. This thing is top notch! Asking $550 plus shipping, but priority is given to anyone able to pick it up.

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Bump- I'll do a partial trade on a good Ironhead Sportster rear wheel with an 18" Borrani rim/ axle/ drum.
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