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Citylong island
got a few 3/4 bell style helmets for sale, cant upload pics right now but can email. all in the LARGE size area.

1- flake redish orange, real nice unique shell color, as usual lining has seen better days, shell is perfect unused looking. asking $40

2- pearl white with awesome blue lace designs, all under clear not done after the fact. chrome rim on the front, maybe fulmer? not sure. again lining is worn, shell looks great real one of kind lid. asking $75

3- off-white shell with gold flake and brown flake designs, not the most pristine but definately a defiferent looking helmet, shell is very good, lining not the best again. asking $30

4- 35mm trees, sandblasted and ready to go, real nice, asking $100

5- 35mm tubes with internals and caps (lowers not included), 10" over, asking $120

6- showa chrome lower legs, (harley stock) new in box chrome lower legs, i believe they are 39mm , maybe 41mm. have to double check the part # on the box. asking $200

make me an offer, all going on ebay saturday nov 6th. will post pics as soon as i can

PM me here or email me direct at [email protected]
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