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The 65/69 inner primary did not have a seal the sealed bearing is the seal. Go to Andrews site and it shows the 4 main shafts sizes. Also i fitted a BDL 3" electric start kit to a 74 trany . The Clutch hub is Alloy and cracked at the key way very thin there. Found out Zippers and others make a ring to press on to stop this.
Early versions like mine had a steel hub , these won’t crack .
But this development shows BDL prefer dollars over quality and in the end it is the users problem , combined with some design flaws in the basket you should just stay away from them. To me It looks like shovel-dan runs a oem belt set up now. In any way a primo would be an upgrade ….chain or belt is another discussion.

(And your seal at the motor sprocket shaft is mounted in the wrong direction)
1 - 3 of 22 Posts