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Jim1203 said:
Questions about 1st oil change on a Rev-Tech 5 in a 4 /w kick

I'm about to do the transmission break in oil change at 1000 miles and I have a few questions. It's a RevTech 5 in a 4 with kicker.

First off, the RevTech warrenty card says to use 80w-90. I went to a few dealerships and indys today and all I could find was straight 90, HD brand tranny fluid(that doesn't specify the weight), and Bel-Ray 85w-140. I guess I could use the 80w-90 that I have around for my car. I found this thread but it's for a HD 4 speed. Should I keep looking for motorcycle 80w-90(Bel-Ray?) or is 85w-140 okay?

Also. I want to make sure I unscrew the drain plug. On the underside of the transmission, there's a small allen head that's diagonal- compared to the rest of the allen heads that hold the case together. Is that the drain plug? I't looks really small diameter and I want to make sure I'm unbolting the right thing.

How bout I just sell you 2 qts Rev Tech tranny lube...??? Manufacturer has their own requirement for a reason...if interested just drop me a PM...later Chaz
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