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Question regarding shippin chopper to Australia

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Does anyone know about shipping regulations regarding the shipping of a custom rigid frame chopper to Australia? The guy that wants to buy my bike said the shipper cannot unless it's stock otherwise it has to be sent torn down on a pallet in two different shipments... And does anyone know of a shipper they have used to do this if it's bs? Thanks in advance! Rick
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Rick, I use a guy in Davey,Fl mostly UK, but he may know, call me
Contact a member on here by the name of choppaweeza. He does heaps of imports to Australia.
If it's unlikely to get import approval ( because it's not stock/ doesn't meet rego requirements ) it's easier to ship as parts. To be classed as parts you just have to ship the bike without a front end, don't have to tear the bike down completely.
Thanks all, Choppa contacted me and let me know about the regs. Looks like a no sale....
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