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Pushrods for my pan build

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I will try to make a long story short, after my last post about lifters and cams, I have decided to use the Jims billet blocks and powerglide tappets. I want to oil the top end through the pushrods, Jims sells the tappets in the standard pan #2459-1 with the Evo cup in the top with hole in it. I can use their standard Evo timesaver pushrods except the ball end on the top is 3/8 not correct for the pan rocker arm. I'm sure the end could be removed and a new drilled one installed the correct size but does anyone make a panhead adjustable pushrod that is drilled for oiling?
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Did a google search for custom pushrods and came up with Smith Bros as being a good source.
You want to do what? Oil the top end through the Push rods?
I have no advice to offer directly related to your pan motor, but would advise you to stay away from aluminum adjustable pushrods. I have seen for my self how they break around where the ball presses in, and have heard of many similar failures from friends and other mechanics. Spend the extra money for chromoly if it is offered for your application, or at least some sort of steel. just my .02
Yes, exactly what im after. Instead of going through the cylinder and into the rocker arm boss. Go through pushrods like harley has done for over 25 years now if Im thinking right.
I know Smith has chrome moly available, I will definately do that. Thanks
I know Smith has chrome moly available, I will definately do that. Thanks
You are saving money in the long run, because with aluminum, you will end up breaking one and buying another set down the road.
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