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Punk Racer, guessed it, Triumph Build

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Tesla (was Punk Racer) a Triumph Build

Ok, Heres my next thing Im working on. I got it from the original owner, which is cool. He made some questionable choices along the way......

Most of the Crap removed, except exhaust...

Playing the musical Tank game, kinda liking this one. Made a couple exhaust attempts.

May make a tail on this one rather then using a traditional fender.. Going towards the Punk Racer thing a bit more.

The frame has been molded a lot, that will all be removed. I have an image in my head Im going towards.....really.
I want to make the Amen spring tail work somehow. I was going to wack it off, but Ive grown to like it more & more.
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Got a bit more done. Have the bars, levers, & risers nailed down now. Did a little more on the exhaust.
Experimented a little while with mock pipe setup & fire fueled by gas, then propane on the Land Cruiser, results where negative thus far. I could not acheive what I wanted to. I did sucessfully light the driveway on fire though. The cat thought it was cool, & will never go in the driveway again.

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Hurry up Jeff. We got marshmallows to roast.
I see you're going on the outside of the bar. What changed your mind?
Its how I felt last night when I was doing it. Mocked it up inside, would have been cool in the mechanical sort of look, but I want to end up mmore 30's sleek I think. Like a blimps skin, or a boat/sub fro way back ...... All in my head at the time, I dunno, that why I like doing whatever strikes me as I build stuff.

Itll still have a bit of the Nemo/comic book look I was after.
This thing is going to be wild Bozi! Love the "superleggra" technique! I've toyed with that on a few projects in the past- very cool man- keep us posted on your progress.
>>>Love the "superleggra" technique!<<<

Thanks Tannis, I dont know what that is, or means, but I guess Im doing it , need to google later.

Hoping Ill have more progress from this point on , need to get it done.

Thanks, Jeff
I miss-spelled it:

Superleggera is an automobile construction technology used in Italy from the middle of the 20th century. The name means "super light" in Italian, and was coined in 1937 by the Italian coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Touring. Unlike the monocoque and body-on-frame methods widely adopted by the 1950s, Superleggera cars use a frame of metal tubes as a full-body frame which closely follow the shape of the car. These are then covered with body panels, made of aluminium. The Superleggera frame tubes are too small and of unsuitable material for mounting suspension components. This distinguishes it very clearly from spaceframe construction where no separate chassis is required.
The Superleggera construction method was primarily based on the use of 'Duraluminium', which originated from the aeronautic industry just before World War II. Carrozzeria Touring sold a Superleggera license to Aston Martin, who used it for their DB4, 5 and 6 models.[citation needed]This construction technique is no longer used in volume production cars today.
In 2008, a new Superleggera chassis was introduced by the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl. of Milan for their new A8GCS Berlinetta prototype with Maserati mechanical parts.
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Bozi. The build looks awesome. Thank you for stepping outside of the box man.
Tannis, thanks for the explanation, I will learn more, I like stuff like that.

Boon, I think I jumped off the box & bumped my head on the way down. Im really excited about this bike, I think itll be a good one. Time will tell.
That looks awesome cant wait to see the finished product!
Seriously - this is one interesting build. Still not sure what a punk racer is, but I'm looking forward to see what it looks like.
this bike's gonna be cool as hell no doubt about it!..looks like yer gettin a great fit on bondo's gonna be the order of the day im thinkin!
Superleggera: adjective: To be or resemble "steam punk" in some fashion, especially if there is some brass stuff somewhere.

I love it so far Jeffie! Don't tell my customers that are waiting impatiently, but you and Super Rat made me work on my dirt bike like half a day today. Damn y'all for being inspirational.
This is fucking sick, I love the exhaust this bike is gonna have killer lines for sure.
Jeff, that thing is out of control! Very cool, very different. That tank is blimp-tastic. Keep up the great work.
Cheers, Dan.
Thank you guys for all the thoughs & comments, nice.

Speedy Jones, it was called Punk Racer, in the first few pages it going a totally different direction, but then I changed the whole deal into this full body thing with the shower drain center peice & a fin on the back & 30's style (Supercruton nailed it, Blimp type look, or old planes,... anything they made a frame for & then skinned). I then read about a man named Tesla & was blown away, & renamed it Tesla, thinking I would try to make a bike that he would have styled or rode........this is all 3am it is Tesla now.

Super Rat- I saw the jewelers torch thing on your thread, thank you, I may try that.

Clay......youre so...Clay. Glad you worked on Rudolph the Dirtbike, I am so wanting to see that thing getting air.

This weekend its on.
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