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Pulled the pre-unit drag bike out of the attic.

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Well it's been a long time and it is finally time to start building my triumph pre-unit drag bike. I talked to Bill Chambers last week and he had no idea on who it used to belong to. I then received info from my friend Howard that Gary Richards wants the drag bike but he won't tell him any history. It would be cool to find old pictures and info but till then I will build her my way.


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Not usually a fan of square box tubing, but it's working for me on this one.....
I dig the gas filler cap from an Amal float chamber cover!!!:)

Ha ha, a 1948 AJS flattrack special.
Cool! I have enough pre unit stuff left around to put one together too. Some day... Like project # 379673 or so!
Build them bikes guys Im working hard to make sure we will have a place to race them Had some really nice bikes at Eddyville race pictures soon two double Triumphs very cool
looking good I dig all the crazy speed holes on the motor mounts and backing plate
nice tires too
What else is in your attic? Cool bike.
thats what I'm thinking. this dude needs a "whats in your attic" thread.
Great old bike!
I am unable to post on the for sale section, not sure why.
Looks like you a little short on posts. I think 50's the minimum. Being that you been here for a while, maybe ask the mods if they will let you slide; they're nice guys.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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