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progress on my triumph so far

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well so far i got the frame at a good stance and need only a few more things such as handle bars and a seat. here it is, and if yer wndering what kind of forks those are i have chrome covers where the gators go. harely wheels on both front and back, the back has a triumph hub.

still doing work on the motor, and as soon asi can fix the cam sleave ill be able to put it back together. heres what i started with.
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Cool, looks like you got it all figured out. You still need them front end parts?
i need the fork cap nut, you can see it missing in the picture.
zack, the shop here has those in stock, new and used, bring yours and we will get you the match this weekend if u come and i hope you do, i need a gas weld on this bike, LOL.. nice and [email protected]!!!!

did you get that brass thing fixed??
not yet, but i think i know how i can fix it. ill tap it out, put a bolt in it. put the bolt through a little metal frame or put on a puller. heat up the aluminium then turn the bolt and it should suck the damn thing right out. i hope.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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