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I didn't get any bike pics worth posting, people were crowding around them like you wouldn't believe. I did get some okay car pics. I will say that the 3 hour drive there and 6 hour drive back (Traffic from Burbank to San Diego City Limits!) was well worth it. Lots of very nice bikes, cool cars, some beautiful women, great weather, and of course Wall of Death was a great show. Saw the gooseneck trump Wes did some work on, even better in person, that bike is really something. Anyway, you guys that head out there tomorrow have a blast, we really had a great time. I normally HATE car and bike shows (I don't like crowds). If you're driving back in the afternoon there's like a 25 degree difference between Ventura and Burbank (110 degree's there today according to my cars thermometer).

warning: Hot Rod content, no M/C's (will post those later).
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