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Knukkel said:
Second attempt, since yesterday's post ended up in the classifieds section...

I am getting tired of my stretching primary chain and decided to go for a belt.
I want to run a 1.5" and keep my inner and outer primary tins.

- What brands do you guys recommend?
- What are ball park prices in the US for a kit? (I will be in the US later this month, so I was thinking of buying one over there if it's cheaper)
- Do I need to drill holes in the tins for cooling?

Go here:

I know this is the panhead kit, but if you call them, they should fix you up with a taper shaft front pully for the kit, and the rest of the kit is the same from there on out. You can get an 1 1/2" kit.

I haven't been able to stump them yet on an oddball drive train combo for an electric starter kit, they always have the setup I need, and the parts are excellent.

Billy can get a little "rough" on the phone from time to time, but he's a good guy, and he knows his stuff.

Maybe vent the derby, and maybe the small inspection cover, but you should be OK at that with the tin primaries.
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