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Post your sporty pics

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a good buddy of mine is looking to buy a Sportster and i want to light the fire under his ass by emailing him some good photos... any and all variations appreciated... thanks
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Re: Sick sporty pics

Here's a fairly recent picture of my friend Don's.....
He's had it since like '82 and has always, ALWAYS ridden it hard.
If this bike could talk between the burnouts, craziness and wheelies, wheelies, wheelies!
I mean, not just front end off the ground but more of the up on the tail light lens looking under your arm type wheelies.
Not to mention a trip through a gravel pit......
Anyhow, its sort of in flux at the moment....the Keith Hanson tins are gonna be put away in favor of deep deep black....
Its close and HOPEFULLY will be back on the road this year.

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Re: Sick sporty pics

scrapmetalart said:
This thing needs hardtailed in a bad way & throw away that headlight...
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