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Hey everybody;
A quick intro. I'm old school. Born in the 60's partied thru the 70's. Ended the 70's on a BSA 441 Victor. Whatta beast! Graduated in 1981 to my first Harley a rare '65 pan. Got that trashed by a left turning (No signal) cage (That's a car to you young brothers) Put a WLA 45 Solo together from junk. Welded a Triumph rear section (with a Lincoln stick welder) to it andsomehow got a wide glide front end from a '60s Panhead to work . From there I've had a couple iron head sporty's. Now I have a '94 EVO 1200XL that recently whispered in my head "Build Me!" Got a Flyrite Gunslinger frame a few months ago and started doing just that! We live up in Northern Indiana and Arizona before that. For legit $$ I work as a industrial mechanic. Planning on starting a build thread on this site. So, I'll be seeing you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts