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TurboRoadster said:
what ya think?
would need to redo timing since it fires on points closing instead of opening? Was thinking of playing with this on the 69 t500
I built a similar setup for my shovel. It made it hard to start, REALLY hard to start; like 20-30 kicks, if at all. The fact that the points carry such little current is a problem. The points tend to oxidize in a short time and can't electrically conduct when they touch. I would clean them and it would start a little easier, but after a ride, they'd be fouled up again with a film. This also caused the motor to break up at higher rpms.

High current spikes from a bad condensor will cook the points in short order, but the proper amount of current seems to keep them clean and working. Fwiw, after about a week of screwing with it, I went back to the DynaS and one-kick starts (most of the time).

If you want an electronic ignition on your Triumph, get a Boyer and be done with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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