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pogo seat post questions

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I decided to go the pogo/T-bar route on my 72 Flh.
So this weekend I came home from a swap meet w/ the parts I needed.
The first part that sucks is I ened up buying what I now guess is a 45" pogo, damit!
So besides the Dia on the 45's shaft being 1.06" and Im gussing the big twins is around 1.19" (going by the bushings in my frame), Is there also a difference in the lengths?

Im thinking I just may rebush my frame to fit the 45's pogo.

Whats your take on this?

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Same lengh, just rebush and go.....Roach.
great, thats what I was hoping. $10 still was a rediculous deal even if it will take some fudging to use.

Anyone got a pic/exploded view of which nuts and washers are on the out side of the frame? Therers a few nuts and beveled washers along w/ a spacer w/ 2 flats on it all on the bottom of the post.

any help would be great,
My 84 FL has a pogo with a 45 Post. Just made a bronze bushing to make up for the smaller I. D. post. I do have a Cat valve spring between the top of the bushing (I have a flange on the bushing top) and the seat tee to help keep my fat ass from bottoming out too easily. May not be an issue for you.
you're gonna love how this rides!!
great, I made up some bronze bushings today.
Just incase someone pulls this thread up in a search some day, to run a 45 pogo in a BT frame the bushings need to be
1.250 O.D.
1.062 I.D.


10 bucks was a smokin' deal alright! Here's the exploded view. If you need any help with adjustments, just holler!!

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Probably doesn't need to be said, but of course you need to drill and bevel a hole in the bushing for the greaser. And in my humble opinion, a groove cut through the center of the bushing around the grease hole for the grease to flow into will go a LONG way towards having to replace the bushing frequently...

'49 panchop

'49 panchop
Thanks guys

I just got everything buttoned up this morning and went for a ride in the snow :0
Well there wasnt a blizard in the forcast!

It will take a little getting used to the way the bike feels now, but Im happy w/ the outcome.

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sweet lookin scoot jeff.
Yeah that seat looks great!
Thanks guys Im lovin the way it looks too. Just changing the way the seat was mounted made it look 20 yrs older.
Heres a pic of when I had it mounted solid to the frame, not bad but the pogo has the look.

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