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I'm Matt. Or "ghost", if you go by the back of my helmet.

I've lurked this board for a long time, and figured with an impending bike build and who knows what all else in store, I might as well add to the mix.

This is where I'm supposed to explain something about my whole deal, I suppose. As soon as I figure it out, I'll tell you.

I'm into bikes, guitars, and cameras, though I'm not particularly good at any of those. I sell parts at a big four shop for the time being. I haven't had a car in five years, and at the moment, I roll around on an ancient Lambretta and a bicycle, because my prior daily-rider, a modern Triumph, just blew up. I'll probably start a build thread on getting that thing back to life sometime soon.

Anyway, hello all. Nice to meet you. If you're within an old, unreliable scooter's range from Seattle and are so inclined, drop a line, and let's have a beer.
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