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My previous thread "Rigid Triumph with Suzuki front end" has had comments about the photo of the piston spot lights I made from some old Harley pistons to light up the workbench so Im posting information here in case anyone wants to make their own.

I started with a pair of Harley pistons, these seem to be a good size to work with and can be found used on Ebay. Using a basic lathe bore out the top of the piston to accept a downlighter holder and then bore the inside of the piston out so a bulb will fit in without touching the sides. Be aware of the wall thickness of the piston all the way down it, you may need to step the bore to stop it breaking through. Once the piston has been machined out the bulb holder is glued in with Araldite and a tube slid down over the main cable to hide any connections. DISCLAIMER:- A FULLY QUALIFIED AND LICENSED ELECTRICIAN SHOULD WIRE THESE PISTONS UP AND CHECK FOR FAULTS BEFORE USE. YOU SHOULD ALSO NOT DRINK BEER WHILE USING A LATHE. Hope some of you make these lights because they look great and you will be saving these old pistons from the melting pot. Please post pics of yours here.


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