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well, it's not much progress but it is progress. could'nt do much without my tubing but i got the rear wheel placement "jigged up". i extended the swing arm (like Hatch recomended) to get the wheel to where i want it's new position to be. it was'nt quite that easy, but after some "tweaking", a BUNCH of measuring and some double checking with the square and we had the drop outs (and the position of the rear wheel) right where we wanted it. i say we because i know you were all there with me in spirit ;) .

once the rear section was all jigged and welded into position i tacked a temporary bar in position to support the back bone and then i whacked out some of the frame that we will no longer be needing. i have'nt cut off the swong arm or the lower section of the frame YET because i'm still mulling over a few design options.

i did however use the square to locate, on the surface of the table, where the stock peg and brake lever locations were. this will help me later on after the new frame is built and it comes time to relocate these items. this way i know the positioning will be right and there is no guess work involved. it's all fingered out ahead of time.

as for the "pissin the neighbor" off coment in the title. well, lets just say i have ONE real pain in the ass neighbor (him and his wife). those of you from the HAMB have likely heard the stories. well they have called the cops 4 times in the last year about loud music and too much noise in the garage (even though it is HIGHLY unlikely they could hear anything i was doing unless they were outside of the house). long story a bit shorter. the first three cops said i was'nt doing anything wrong (i do live out in the country afterall) but this last one was a real arrigant, young state trooper with somethin to prove. anyway. so i've kept the radio WAY down since he was out, but i've been out in the garage cutting and grinding all night:D ! i finaly came in about 12:30am tonight. fuckers!
there is alot more to the story but i'll spare you all most of it. but lest you think i'm some asshole of a neighbor. they have called and harrassed my wife AT WORK in the middle of the day on a weekday about ME making noise in the garage (they would normaly have been at work at that time too). they, or i should say SHE, (since her husband will not come over here even after some of the verbal beatings i've givin his wife) has been nothining but NASTY to me since the first time i saw her.

just trust me, they had it comin ... now back to the bike. look, i took pictures!!!


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