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pictures of my updated bike

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today I finally rolled my bike outside and took some pictures of it with the new tank, new bars and new pipes. Flat Top Bob bought the tank at a yard sale for $5 and gave it to me if I promised to use it. a crap load of bondo, and a few rattle cans later, I got a new tank! A guy at work gave me the bars. they are 7/8" but I used some 16 guage, 1" OD tubing to sleeve them so my 1" controls would work. they are way shorter than the other apes I had on it, and a lot narrower too. finally, I know the pipes look shitty, but this is just kind of a temporary mock up to see if I like them like this, and eventually, I'm gonna build a completely new exhaust system from scratch.
Does anybody know who made this tank? I've seen a few on ebay and on some other bikes, I guess its a pretty common tank...


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shit, that bike rocks as is. i'd ride the hell out of it!
Awesome bike man. I have that exact tank, but reducing the tunnel down to just hide my top tube of the frame. Killer.
yeah, the front end is from a honda 750. the back fender is the front fender from some yamaha and the shock on the seat is from the same yamaha.
Wow bitchin' !
Yeah. That rocks. The exhaust cap things are neat. Details on that seat set up???
Ed said:
Yeah. That rocks. The exhaust cap things are neat. Details on that seat set up???
i made the swingarm part of the seat out of 1x1/2 square tube and it hinges in the front, between the upper tubes of the hardtail. the shock attaches to the swing arm at the back with early ford shackles. at the bottom, I built a mount that bolts to the frame where the stock fender bracket would go. I had to colapse two coils to get the ride soft enough, but it's an adjustable shock so I can stiffen it up if I need to. there are 4 tabs that come off the swing arm and thats what the seat pan bolts to.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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