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choppercopper1 said:
I was able to get into the garage today and do some work on the VL. I cut some gussets and bent some pipe. All the parts are just tacked in. I am going to have a friend Tig it all once I am sure about everything. Thank God for Irish Rich and his OUTSTANDING article on putting a Pan into a VL. I will post some more pics when I get more done.

Well, I appreciate the kind words, but i can't take all the credit on all the modifications. Randy Smith, of Custom Cycle Engineering fame told me how to do the mods over 30 years ago. If Randy told you how something was done, you can bet he'd done it more than once. I more or less just passed it on again.

The only difference in the mods is that Randy would heat the lower tank tube (which a lot of people did, and still do, and it's fine), and bend it up to get the front cylinder clearance. I just added the new curved lower tank tube to mine, with the tube socket that looked like the tubing sockets on the downtube and seatpost.
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