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Pics of a 45" with 21" front wheel???

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I would really like to see a profile shot of a stock rake WL with 21" front & preferably with a 18" rear... Was gonna go with a 19", but got the urge to use a bigger front wheel. Almost decided on a 20" rim, but I doubt anybody got pic of that so I'll settle with 21".

I used to think it would look too big cause the bike was small and had too little rake, but now I just don't know. Help me with pics please...
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I don't have a pic but have seen it done and it looks good the total outside diameter of the tire is not really that much bigger than the stock set up anyway. If you don't dig (I think you will) just revert back to the old set up
Trent said:
Looks like a later 76" springer with the rockers flipped upside-down to level the bike.
Trent, is that a WR frame or just made to look like one?
Just made to look like one.

That bike lives somewhere in Japan now.
Trent said:
Trent, I didn't know this was yours, I came really close in buying it a while back. Just was little short in cash, great looking bike.
Thanks for the input and pics guys, any more?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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