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RippoDippo said:
:rolleyes: That looks like a Garage stuck on a house!! not a school shop class? Hmm?
You take'n the Class projects Home with ya? You lucky Dog :D
These are all my bikes paid for by me, the school did not give me any money towards them. The donation class builds started last year with the black chop we did and those stay at school and are sold as the fund raiser for the class. The panhead was used as the first build to get the exposure when we did not receive donations, I bought that and rescued it from a barn about an hour south of where I live to be used as a test bike to see how the kids would like it and how the administration would act when we are building bikes in class. Once I gained some momentum with the Feature on us in The Horse (Indian larry Tribute Issue), and the administration gave me the thumbs up seeing the excitement it gave the kids, that is when the companies were contacted with the idea of a fund raiser chop from donations. Had no one stepped up and helped us do that, I propbably would have just kept trying to buy bikes on my own to use in class. The experience has been real cool, a student and I fly out to be on the discovery build off with Billy next month.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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