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Paughco vs emgo cocktail shakers??

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Hey guys im about to purchase some cocktail shakers for my ironhead and I was wondering if any of you guys have used either ones??
Basically only thing stearing me away from paughco are that you cant take out the mufflers. where the emgo ones have removable baffles.

My ironhead has straight pipes without baffles on right now and it sounds and performs great. I tried baffles and seen no extra performance and sounded terrible. (even when I cut them down and punched them almost flat)

I dont no if i answered my own question, but just wanted some input from people using either before i drop up to 300 bucks.

also paughco are around 300 for a set and emgo are around 140$$
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also paughco are around 300 for a set and emgo are around 140$$
The reason for the price difference is most likely because the Paughco's are Made in the USA.

Paughco's stuff doesn't always fit as it should, but I'd buy from Paughco before Emgo.
oh yeah i agree that paughcos are more because they are usa made. but i just wanted to know if I will loose sound because of the mufflers
^^ ... yes you will...
If it were me, I'd go with the EMGO, they're half the price but more importantly when you pull the baffles they'll give you the sound you want. The chrome probably won't hold up as well but when it's time you can re-chrome and use the $140.00-150.00 you saved to pay the plater.
^^^ I used the EMGO more than a dozen times.. no problems with rust whatsoever.. ($ 300 for a Paughco set is just rediculous..)
yeah i figure im going to go with the emgo, good price and i like that you can take the baffles out. 300 is way to much thats more than the paughco upswept pipes
Cycle Shack tapered duals have given the best performance and sound over the years. Not sure if they still make pipes for the Ironhead but it's worth a look.

Well I looked and they're still making them. Here's a photo. The reason you may have had performance issues if jetting. You'll need to re-jet for these from a drag pipe. Exhaust systems always work best when you tune for them.

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