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Passenger pegs on a rigid

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Where are you mounting your passenger pegs?

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The bike I bought had a V shaped bracket that mounted the back of the trans plate. I wasn't going to use them. I was gonna sell em if interested. or I can take a picture so you can see what it looks like?

I made a pair of 4" long x 1" wide tabs.... welded just below top tubes of rear legs...

i used my ole ladies best guess for comfort as a location...

drill hole on bottom of each....mounted "female" peg mounts....then used stock rubber HD pegs...flipped up they are out the way..
Not sure how tall of a passenger you planned on having on the back, or what your pipes are like, but almost every old frame ive bought, has had peg mount tabs welded just behind the tube where you would mount your solo seat springs to.

Heres a few pictures. The last two shows how comfortable...ish it looks with them where they are.

I didnt take any of these pictures. most of them came from this board over the years.

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First, what kind of bike are you needing to put pegs on, BT or sporty or? My rigid sportster has mounting tabs in a similar location as the pics above. I remember the first lady I had sit on the back when I was a kid, damn that was cool!
Irish Rich once posted this set up from Dick Allen and I think it's freakin' awesome !

Sidenote: Also notice that Dick's rear footpegs are actually bolted through the rear of his horseshoe tank. Joe Hurst has that oil tank now....

V bracket off transmission plate.


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Elekvins; That is how I mounted mine.
OIL TANK IS KILLER !!!... i was leaning toward the tab off the frame...that bolt on thing don't seam to bad.. HMMM?

YARDMAN, thanks for the pics

they make a mount that bolts to the back side of the trans mount
just a thought?
evo rigid closed primary
i think i'm going with the oil tank set up.. bad ass!!
someone have one for sale?
or i'll fab it
That V shaped thing is called a moustache bar, very common. Just sold one on epay with Anderon Pegs for $25. They are cheap, every grey beard has 2. If you don't want to weld your frame, it bolts to the rear of the trans .
does the mustache work with open and closed primary?
Should come out right behind your clutch hub on the top, in the 1 o'clock position. Works with either set up & yer o'lady will be much happier with the position. Besides, her knee makes for a nice resting place for tired arms.

does the mustache work with open and closed primary?
Elekvins; That is how I mounted mine.
Well done sir, good inspiration ! ;)
That V shaped thing is called a moustache bar,
I thought that was were you go to eat after a ride?
Well I guess no need for a picture. "Larry T" took care of that.

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