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Pricein ad
hurst front brake caliper and master cyl. with lever needs rebuilt $125

2010 dyna parts
solo seat $80
mids $120
highway pegs $60
5 in risers sold
bars $60
cables $60

30s ford horn for S&S E carb its spary painted black just to see what it would look like nice shape for its age but not perfect its bolted on so u can change the angle if u wanted $100

5 spoke 16 in wheel want to trade for a 10 spoke the brake flange has been welded on to fit this drum i think its for a sporty but not sure or $250

off set springer top clamp $70 or trade for in line top clamp sold

custom oil tank 10in long 6in wide no battery box sides look like the bottom of a pop bottle and have no clue who made it chrome is not perfect $200

evo big twin exhaust was wraped so will need cleaned up or rewraped sold

70s glass works fiberglass peanut tank with avation gas cap has chips and scratches repaint or run as is $150


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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