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Pricesee inside
SOLD 66-69 (RIGHT SIDE) wide glide backing plate, chrome is mostly flaked off - $40

16" Round Spoke Invader, chrome is in awesome shape, just a little surface rust that needs some steel wool love. Only thing I don't know what the hub fits. It does not fit a harley big twin drum but the plate is drilled for ten hole. Someone welded on another plate which you can see in the picture - $150

Shovelhead Oil tank w/ battery tray. It's in good shape, but does not have the proper filler cap -$40

SOLD Sportster swingarm k/q seat - it's in fine shape. $30

Narrowglide front fender, midnight purple, $30

Sportster guages, all worked when I took them off, tach guage drives off of coil - $40

SOLD Sportser Turtle tank w/ petcock and cap, also midnight purple, $40

Newer wide glide front fender, black w/ pinstriping on it. fits 21" nice - $30

Stock length narrowlide legs, unshaved. $80

Chrome mousetrap (working on getting picture) w/ stock length cable, also has the cover but it has a crack around one of the screw holes. All works great, I ran it for a while - $100

shipping is extra


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