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Thought this was sold..but apparently its up for grabs one more time..

Panhead Wishbone Frame...Oakland Roadster show winner circa 1976..The real deal,not some paughco rip-off...Was run by a riding partner of mine for the past 10yrs., cracked right below the neck casting on the right hand side a while back and was repaired,which you can see in the picture of the right hand side of the neck...after the repair was done,it was ridden for a while as you see it...Last winter when he tore it down to repair the bondo and paint,he decided to go with a swing-arm frame since he is now 61 yrs old..little bit of plastic here and there and you should be good to go... Tank was dished on top,welded to the frame.,.and then moulded in...could be put back to stock,but probobly best as a custom frame..clearanced to run a shovel motor as anything knuckle through shovel motor will fit...$ the ride..
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