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magnet said:
SO i have this pan.. one day i will get around to working on it.

I was thumbing through a clymer guide on pans and in it... it said something about thick and thin gaskets.. thick and thin "D" rings.. and aluminum pans being "early" 50's and rare?

Whats the story?.. most guys i see run chromed steel pans with thin "D" rings... thick or thin or combinations of rings and gaskets? which one works best? and what about the the pans.. what works best original aluminum or aftermarket steel?

Also.. an oil question..

So stock HD's usually have the oil tank under the seat... sort of level with the mid-height portion of the motor. What would happen if i had an oil tank above the motor.. would the oil pump seal.. meaning.. would the oil drain down and the entire engine fill up on oil?

Just had those thoughts last night driving home...

School me.
If the mounting area on the covers is perfectly flat and you don't tighten the bolts up enough to warp them, then it doesn't really matter which gasket you use. But in a less than perfect world, I like to use the thick gaskets (if the cover will still clear the frame) and thick d-rings. Actually, I like the CCE thick aluminum covers, but that's another story. The original covers, aluminum or tin, fit better than any aftermarket tin
cover I've used.
ALL older Harleys, not just Panheads, will let the oil flood the bottom end if you let them set long enough. Then, when you crank them up they puke oil out of the breather tube for a while. After you let them clear out and check the oil, they'll be ok until you let them set again.
Off to work.
Larry T
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