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CityOuter limits
Price< 50
Stock HD Bendix & Pan intake for O-ring heads. Good, clean and complete. $50

This is a late "60s Genuine Harley steel factory tank in good original condition; no mods. One small dent in the right front&#8230;easy fix for anyone with metal working talent&#8230; or a handful of bondo. $50 Gone SOLD

vintage Roth 4" Iron Cross waterslide decal. Real L.A. made decal $12 delivered

Genuine Harley 53 and later Pan lifter blocks in good original condition, I guess you could use them on a Shovel. $50 NOPE SOLD

Original early '70s AEE catalog and "builders guide". 60 action-packed pages of AEE history with all of the cheap, gaudy parts held in such high esteem today.
Also has in depth tech features on such old time custom secrets like installing highway pegs, sissy bars, etc.
Your life as a chopper pilot is not complete without this. $30 dee-livered.......too late,sold

shipping depends on your location on the planet.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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