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Panhead Build Done!

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THE BACK STORY: My old man rode next to this bike for 20 years, his brother Macthe former owner was a gunner on a chopper in Nam. When the dust settled the 2 tours left some deep mental scars on Mac. That being said Mac would play Russian roulette at night with his 2 friends Ruger and Jack D, periodically he would call my old man to drive over and talk him down. (no easy feat for an ac man in the middle of the summer with 2 kids + wife + 9 hour day +1 busted / shot up van + 1am + 45 minute drive)

Well one day my old man was too tired to make the trip and said sleep it off.

3 weeks later +interlude Hawk, my old man bought this Pan off Mack's mom to pay for the funeral. Also got tool box, pistol, and parts of Mack's brain matter on Pan

Hawk let the bike sit for 12 years, I have pics of me at 5 on bike, then started to take it apart to rebuild it.<O:p</O:p

2 years later Hawk broke (manual labor has its price) his back leaving him no way to rebuild bike.<O:p</O:p

8 years later 1 year post death I bought the Pan and the beloved Knuckle baskets off Mom to help them buy the farm no pun intended.<O:p></O:p>

Now after 2 months + 75 hours + 62 packs of smokes + 832 beers + 15.3 bottles of Jack obo + 3x1/8 oz's + 1.2 pints of blood + 36 Random Anomalies + 2 rectifiers + 3 S&S jets + 6 spark plugs = 1 complete 52 Pan.<O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
I had some down time from a recent wreck on "the beloved knuckle" so I figured I would share the story.<O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
On a side note: she runs to lean = only runs good under allot of throttle with a 68 main jet, ss shorty or To rich = pop pop pop + black carboned plugs with a 70 main jet?
I have tried combination of jets and tuning, no intake leaks, solid state regulator, 6volt, anyone run a shorty on a pan, any ideas maybe mild exhaust leak where pipes meet jugs?
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Ya got pics?
Pics, pics, pics!
Ok nice!
Cool story and nice bike. Those apes have to have the widest base I have ever seen. Loving the style of the bike. Thanks for posting!
Nice ride!
Nice Nice Pan. ..;)

I like how that bike has been loved.......
by it's original owner enough that he wouldn't sell it.

Then your old man cared enough to keep it around.

Then you cared about it enough to breathe some life back into it.

Now you have a beautiful bike with some history and a lot of love.

Can't really say that about every bike.

"Old Harley's don't die, they just get rebuilt."
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Incredibly eerie but truly cool story. Nice looking bike tho
Cool sotry and bike. I liked the "2 months+72 hrs. etc." breakdown.
Good story, nice scoot. '+36 Random Anomalies'- the breakdown made me laugh, sounds about right.
Always good to see another old bike back on the road. I also understand losing people to the crap left over from Vietnam. One of my best friends, Little Bob, did 2 tours as a tunnel rat. He was instamental in helping me during my first years of owning my old 68 Shov. Always had time to help me figure out my bike issue. He drove out into the Arizona desert about 10 years ago and did the same as your dads bro. RIP
Awesome story nice bike too! About the carb problem I sound like a broken record but one word intake leak! Research it . Could be gasket, oring ,misalignment . Also if your running 6 volt I would say run plug wires with metal core. Fancy radio suppressor wires where designed for 12 volt app. And I doubt you got tunes son that baby anyway.
As the rest before me, unreal have "literary" talent! On another note, how the hell did you get it built with all that booze on board! Nice bike by the way!
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