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Pan/Shovel Swingarm Dimensions

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Hey guys, I'm having a custom frame built. I'm trying to get the ass end setup for a juice drum setup. I have a star hub and I plan on running the later star hub juice setup (63-66). My first question is, did all juice swingarms have the same inside distance between the axle plates? And do any of you know the different measurements or just the one if they are all the same? Thanks guys.

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The parts book lists 47500-58C for 1958-1972 and 47500-73 for 1973-*.

Only one round swing arm, but they changed the spacers through the different assemblies.

I have 9 1/8" inside the axle plates.
Thanks Pete, I really appreciate it.

Sure -

Let me know if you need any pics or dimensions. Mine will be off the frame for a few more days.
just checked my swingarm, same as pete
Thanks Rich. That was measured right at where the axle goes through correct?

inside the axle plates
Thanks guys. I had two other people pm me, one said 9 exactly and the other said 9 1/4. Is it possible that Harley made them in different sizes depending on who made em that day? Thanks again fellas.

I can't vouch for the guys ability to measure, how they measured or the state of their part. :D

To be clear - I'm measuring off the lip that carries the axle here:

The lip protrudes about 1/16" so if someone measure at the flats in the plate, behind or below the lip, they'd get 9".

Measuring from the left to the side of the right axle plate lip:
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I really appreciate the help Pete. Ok so the distance between both protruding lips where the spacers and axle sit is 9 1/8". You said each lip protrudes from the actual plate casting a 1/16" So if someone measured behind the lip from each side wouldn't that be 9 1/4" ?

ISo if someone measured behind the lip from each side wouldn't that be 9 1/4" ?
Yes, you're right. Forgive my dumbass math...never my strong suit :eek:
That's okay :) One of the other guys rechecked right where the axle goes through and they got 9 1/8" as well. So it definitely looks like that's the one. Thanks again guy's.

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