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Own a 57 Sporty and 61 Pan/Shovel (among others). Looking forward to gaining info and participating on the site.

Been on two wheels for 40+ years. Everything from Harley's to dirt bikes & Quads.

Been collecting parts for the 57 XL for years. Bought it as a chopper many moons ago. Had a good 57 frame and engine. Still working on it.

Here's my Daily rider..

61 Pan lower, 67 Shovel top, 54 Wishbone frame, 54 ratchet tranny.
Mallory CDI, Cycle Electrics Generator, S&S High flow oil pump.
95% of the time, it fires by the third kick.

Get a smile every time I ride it..

Doing some work on the forks now. Check my thread in the Board section if you think you can help.

Thanks, Ken

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