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Pan parts,aris lights,ratchet trans parts,bates KD light,etc

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Cityspeed city
Pricein ad
****SOLD****(2) early panhead inner/outer primary covers
one of the inners is "North Hollywood Paucho"
both are usable but need a little cleanup and hand polishing.
55 shipped each to lower 48.

(1) very nice "thin" Panhead D ring
not seperating at the press seam
15 shipped to lower 48

(2) nice chrome star hub wheel dust covers
15 shipped to lower 48

Bates/KD side mount headlight. 6 volt bulb (looks good)
OG butterfly bottom mounting tabs with external screw in wire adapters. will clean up pretty nice with some "0000" steel wool and carb cleaner.
no dents that i can see at all
40 shipped to lower 48

panhead/ratchet top trans mounting plate
nothing wrong with it.
20 shipped to lower 48

4 speed ratchet trans brackets/arms/levers. OG
30 shipped for all 3 pieces

Aris dual headlight setup with light bracket.
the chrome isnt perfect,but would be good for a non show bike.
missing one "twist in" bulb

40 shipped to lower 48.


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