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-1. Triumph BSA buckhorn handlebars nice 7/8 bars with good knurling. Vintage set , they have just the right amount of "patina". $25+ whatever it costs to beam them to your sector.
Grey Jersey Bag Electrical wiring Magenta
Plant Purple Textile Violet Magenta

0.SOLD Original Panhead oil filter-good condition, has the bracket & right fittings. $50 dee-livered SOLD

1.SOLD Like new heavy duty 4 speed kicker cover with shaft and T.O.fork & heavy duty arm. Never used , just mocked up. $64 dumped on your doorstep.SOLD

2.SOLD Knuckle/Pan/45 3 brush generator-jam up ready to go. $125 Hand carried to you by a uniformed representative of the U.S. government.SOLD

3. OEM 70-83 Shovelhead mainshaft, excellent-ready for your box. $20+ the freight, depending on where you are on the planet.
Pen Writing implement Office supplies Office instrument Writing instrument accessory

4.SOLD Genuine Pan glide risers, good threads, rubbers are not beat and the chrome is decent original-not pitted, rustbelt crud.$20+ same deal.SOLD

'70s chopper panhead SU intake linkert adapter , the real deal ,puts carb on a slight tilt.The finishing touch for your groovy chopper. $30+ you know...
Auto part Metal Nickel Electric blue Titanium

SOLD K KH Sportster CH 45 flathead 7/8 neck cups and races. good useable stuff. $20+SOLD



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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