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70s P&P 8+ girder, solid chromemoly round bar construction. Good chrome...not great, but good. Still has the original adjustable single coilover shock in place, zerk fittings and bronze bushings all there. Has provisions for adjustable rake. I dissasembled it for inspection, cleaning and light refurbishment and stopped after cleanup. It has been lightly reassembled for storage and will ship complete with no loose parts.

I was going to build a bike around it but I'm loosing garage space real soon and its gotta go.

PM me here or call Ken at reasonable hours 248-877-9335

PS: measurements are: 28" center to center from lower link hole on girder to axle hole. The installed length of the coilover shock is 11.5". The stem diameter is 7/8"

PPS: this is heavy and could be costly to ship. I'll pack but you pay shipping. Local sale is preferred

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