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I have started up my panhead and I have had to take apart the front head because its over oiling. The gasket wich I have changed two times is breaking at the same place and that is at the return oil channel. The rear head is running perfect. It seems as the oil is not returning back through the channel, I have checkt the channel and its not plugged, I have checkt both the head and the cylinder. Before I started it I changed to new pistons +.050 and Jims lifters +.005 I suspect that I might have to go down to +.040 piston on the front head.

Does anybody know what the problem can be?
I'm sure you looked but is the case return hole clean?

Not so sure you have a oiling problem going on...

As for the blown gasket in that area....
This is what I would do...

Chuck the cylinder in a lath and do a step cut on the head gasket surface...
This is what I call a poor boys O-Ring seal.
And use a fire ring head-gasket....

S&S Jugs come with this step cut done to all their jugs out of the box..

In the above photo shows this cut....

It needs to be .006 high, allows for more crush on the fire-ring of the gasket.
Also it would be a grand idea to lap the head surface too....Just to make sure it is flat.

Something like this...

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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