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When Shag resigned from Kar Kulture DeLuxe I was worried that the magazine would go downhill and then when I heard that THBC/Ol' Skool Rodz picked it up I shuddered. I picked up an issue and... it wasn't that bad. Then each consecutive month it started looking more and more like Ol Skool Rodz, so finally I just said fuck it. Then I found out about Rod & Kulture, picked it up and was amazed. Number one, the photography was superb, and the Pinups looked like art not sleaze. It is a very fine line. The cars were for the most part traditional, not some modern kooky interpretation. I can't explain it much better than that. Sorry to waste bandwidth like this, the seasonal oatmeal stout from McMenniman's is typing for me.

For a tie-in to motorcycles there is a darn nice Indian Bobber (an actual bobber) in the Summer 2006 issue of Rod & Kulture.

This wasn't really meant as a slag on Ol Skool Rodz/ Kar Kulture DeLuxe as much as a prop for Rod & Kulture although it looks like I am talking shit.
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