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Original 1960's Triumph 650cc Slimline Gas Tank. This tank is in good condition with minor dings. The tank has had a quick black paint job that has some scratches. The inside of the tank looks in good condition. No brackets are broken or damage. The threads appear to be in good condition. Included are the gas cap and center rib strip, which is also in good condition.

$300 shipped

Original Triumph, Dunlop WM3-18 Rear Wheel - COMPLETE. This wheel comes with everything pictured. The Smiths speedo drive is not working. The wheel has some rust as can be seen in the pictures. The sprocket appears to have little wear and could be sandblasted easily. This wheel would be a great candidate for a soda blast and a hub rebuild. The spokes all appear to be tight and sound.


Two original Amal Carburetors; one is a 928 and one is a 930.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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